The Character - Candice Breitz
The Character

Fifteen children (aged between 11 and 16) from the Gundecha Education Academy (a school located in the suburbs of Mumbai) were each asked to watch a Bollywood movie prominently featuring a child character. During the shoot that followed, each of the fifteen participating children was interviewed individually: the questions asked prompted each child to verbally portray the fictional child in the movie that she/he had watched.

As they describe fifteen fictional children from the big screen, the fifteen children portrayed in ‘The Character’ offer a range of insights into the role played by ‘the child’ (as character and as spectator) in mainstream Indian cinema.

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Candice Breitz

Since the mid-1990s, Berlin-based South African artist Candice Breitz (born in Johannesburg in 1972) has produced a body of work treating various aspects of the structure of identity and psychological identification. Since 1999, she has predominantly created multi-channel video installations, in which the relationship between an individual channel of footage and the larger grid of moving imagery provides a space in which to think about the relationship between individual and community.

Central to her work is the question of how an individual ‘becomes’ him or herself in relation to a larger community, be it the immediate community that one encounters within a family or a real or imagined community that is shaped not only by questions of national belonging, race, gender and religion, but also by the increasingly undeniable influence of mainstream media, such as television, cinema and popular music.

Candice Breitz has been a Professor of Fine Art at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig since 2007. In recent years, solo exhibitions of her work have been hosted by, amongst others, the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), De Appel (Amsterdam), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, White Cube (London) and STUK (Leuven).



The Character

Candice Breitz



‘The Character’ (2011), Candice Breitz