Guardare se stessi guardarsi - MASBEDO
Guardare se stessi guardarsi

‘Guardare se stessi guardarsi’ (‘Watching yourself watching yourself’) is a multiple-screen video installation deeply focused on the relationship between sound and image. The camera lingers on the image of a beautiful piano abandoned in a disused factory. Suddenly the piano is hit by several rifle shots. The audience is struck by the ungainly sound produced by the steel cords and the keyboard, as it is hit with the bullets.

On another screen there is an image of female hands trying to compose melancholic music with what is left of the musical instrument, giving a feeling of violence and powerlessness. On the third screen, the smallest one, you can see impressive images of wild wolves in their natural environment.

This work is based on an existential theory that links artistic aggressiveness to melancholy. The video was shot in high definition and the audio is a live recording.


MASBEDO is an artistic duo, living and working in Milan. The name is derived from the names the duo’s members: Nicolò Massazza (born in Milan in 1973) and Lacopo Bedogni (born in Sarzana in 1970). Since 2000, they have exhibited in museums internationally and have taken part in various film festivals, including Locarno, Rome, Trieste, Lisbon, Athens, Bologna and Milan.

From the very beginning, their artistic development has been transversal and multidisciplinary, involving them in various joint projects with writers, musicians, film actors and actors working in live theatre and dance theatre.

They have a place in the most prestigious European collections and their video works are to be found in the collections of both Italian and international museums, such as the Tel Aviv Art Museum, the DA2 Domus Artium (Salamanca), the CAAM Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (Las Palmas) and the MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Rome). In 2009, they were part of the Italian Pavilion at The Venice Biennale, with their piece ‘Schegge d’incanto in fondo al dubbio’.



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Guardare se stessi guardarsi




‘Guardare se stessi guardarsi’ (2010), MASBEDO

Credits: Guardare se stessi guardarsi (2010), MASBEDO, Video portrait by Gabriel Soucheyre.