Under the Centipede sun - Mihai Grecu
Under the Centipede sun

This project is the portrait of a no man’s land. Burnt and sterile, the landscapes contain the traces of an invisible war. While still fresh in these places’ memories, this unknown war is like a demon from the past, which has left its marks all over the place, creating post-destruction sculptures. There are no human combatants, only machinery; some of it lying dead, like a scar on the landscape, and some caught in a mysterious choreography.

The theatre of post-destruction takes place in an almost unearthly landscape, beautiful and barren. Mountains, desert and lakes lie as a glimpse of infinity. But while in the outrage of destructive fire, they are left with scars, mutilated and broken: the geography changes, it mixes with an artificial post-traumatic topography.

Mihai Grecu

Mihai Grecu was born in Romania in 1981. After studying art and design in Romania and France, he has been pursuing his artistic research at the Fresnoy Studio of Contemporary Arts.

Recurring topics such as environment, water, city life and war articulate the whole of his exploration of mysterious and subconscious beginnings. These visual and poetic trips mix several techniques and styles and may be seen as propositions for a new dream-orientated technology.

His work has been shown in numerous film festivals, including Locarno, Rotterdam, the Festival of New Cinema in Montreal and Vidéoformes, and exhibitions, including ‘Dans la nuit, des images’ at the Grand Palais, ‘Labyrinth of my mind’ at Le Cube and ‘Studio’ at Les Filles du Calvaire Gallery.



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Under the Centipede sun

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‘Under the Centipede Sun’ (2011), Mihai Grecu

Credits: Under the Centipede Sun (2010), Mihai Grecu. Video portrait by Gabriel Soucheyre.