Untitled - Nicolas Provost

The new short fiction film from Nicolas Provost will be made completely out of stock footage. Stock footage refers to film or video footage that already exists. For example: moving images of cities, landmarks, dangerous wildlife,… It is – in many cases freely- available at several websites. Filmmakers often use this prefabricated material because it is cheaper than shooting new material. As a result, some stock footage may already have appeared in previous movies or productions.

Stock footage is normally used as illustrative material in a very sober way. Provost wants to show that stock footage can also have an esthetic and cinematic value and that it can tell a story. The film starts with an off-screen dialogue between a young couple, ready to embark on a romantic adventure. What happens next? Provost will tell their story by using nothing but stock footage exterior shots of a Boeing plane, flying towards a sunset.

Nicolas Provost

Nicolas Provost is a filmmaker and visual artist who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. His work is broadcasted, screened and exhibited worldwide on both visual art platforms and film festivals and has earned a long list of awards and screenings at prestigious festivals as among others The Sundance Film Festival, The San Francisco International Filmfestival, Cinevegas, The International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Viennale, The Locarno Film Festival.

His work is a reflection on the grammar of cinema and the relation between visual art and the cinematic experience. It intends to walk on the fine line between dualities and balances between the grotesque and the moving, beauty and cruelty, the emotional and the intellectual. Time and again his phantasmagorias provoke both recognition and alienation and succeed in catching our expectations into an unravelling game of mystery and abstraction. With manipulations of time, codes and form, cinematographic and narrative language is analysed, accents are shifted and new stories are told.



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‘Untitled’ (2010), Nicolas Provost.

Credits: ‘Untitled’ (2010), Nicolas Provost. Video portrait by Gabriel Soucheyre.