The OK Center for Contemporary Art (Linz, Austria), which is supported by public funding, is an experimental laboratory for exploring art. It is intended to be an exhibition and production house for contemporary art, accompanying the implementation of an artistic work from idea to exhibition. In this way, both a public platform and a laboratory situation are provided simultaneously for artists, usually from a younger generation, working in an international context. Concomitant symposia, mediation work, and live acts create a connection between art-projects and recipients. Documentation comes in the form of catalogues, video and CD productions.

Founded in the late 1980s, the OK is positioned, with its flexible, process-oriented structure, as a site of discourse and agency. The programme focuses on multimedia and explicitly space-related group or individual projects, which often relate to social topics. The architecture makes it possible for different productions to be conducted at the same time; a collection will purposely not be established. Curatorship at the OK is supported by an artistic advisory board that changes in accordance with a principle of rotation.



OK Center for Contemporary Art

OK Platz 1
4020 Linz
+43 (0)7327841780


Rainer Gamsjäger